A Different Dimension of Marketing Mix: E-Marketing Strategy

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Published: 08th June 2010
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E-Marketing is an acronym of Electronic Marketing. It is a form of promotion deployed by the marketers to promote the brand of their companies across the Internet. Whenever a company adopts a marketing strategy it considers the famous 4 Ps. These 4 Ps include: Product, Price, Promotion and Positioning. A marketer considers the nature of the product being promoted or sold in the market. You keep into account the price and the place where you are selling or promoting the product. A person also considers the brand positioning of the product. While adopting a strategy to promote the product across the Internet, you need to consider the nature of customers accessing Internet as well as several issues involved in this form of promotion.

There are many different factors to consider while opting for promoting a company through the Internet. On the Internet, you need to narrow down your focus on your target audiences as there are many people with different interests accessing the Internet. This involves extensive research and in-depth analysis. When you are collecting information or data about your target audiences of an organization you need to protect the data or personal information that you collect about your target audiences. Therefore, security issue is a major concern on the Internet medium. A conscious marketer should not leave any loophole through which the data about the potential customers is hampered or hacked. For instance, while conducting an email campaign you can strategically place a cookie on the computer of the website visitor. This helps you to know about the speed of the computer. If the speed is high, you can easily place the flash animation in your newsletters to the customer. If it is low, you can remove the flash animation that makes your site easily accessible to a customer. Therefore, it is possible to make a customer-friendly experience on the Internet. Keep the transaction details of the customer secure and ensure the security to him. Customer service can be performed easily through the E-marketing optimization strategy. A client can air his grievances through the website of an organization. All these factors are vital when you promote your brand across the Internet.

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